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"We were overwhelmed and WAY behind in the fall of our son's senior year! We needed to catch up in a hurry. During our College Plan in 1/2 a Day, Jean suggested colleges, jump started our son on his applications and got us out of inaction and on the path to getting applications done. 

We let her handle our Financial Aid for Freshman Year so we didn't miss any deadlines. She had handled everything with our older daughter 8 years earlier so we knew we'd have peace of mind. Even with such a late start, thanks to Jean & the Smart Plan For College Team, our son got to go to a great school that he really loves.

The best part? His college cost $57,233 for freshman year -- but we're only paying $19,533 out of pocket thanks to scholarships and aid."

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College Planning Blog

  • Three Little-Known Reasons Why You Should Start Planning For Your Kid’s College Education NOW

    Over the last 14 years, my team and I have secured more than eighty-five  million dollars in scholarships, from the colleges, for over 350 families so that they pay less for college.  In the process, we have learned that proper college planning pays for itself – and yet so many families don’t allow for enough […]

  • Why “Do It Yourself” May Not Be Best Plan For Your Family

    We recently had a party – just a get-together of friends to celebrate that the kids were back at school.    My husband said – “Just cater it.  It’ll be easier on you and you’ll be able to enjoy the party.”

    And my answer was “No, it’ll be cheaper if I prepare the food myself.”  Needless […]

  • Sending Your Kid To College Is A Lot Like … A Vacation To Disney World

    I recently came back from my nearly-annual pilgrimage to, yes, Disney World.   I freely admit it.  I. Love. Disney.

    One of the biggest reasons is because they make it easy for me to PLAN my vacation – and better manage the expenses that go with it.

    I can set a budget and then have everything […]

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