Smart Plan For College Helps Your Student

Get In To The Right School...For Them.

With A Smaller College Bill For You.

Last year, 100% of our clients were accepted at 92% of the colleges
to which they applied.

And they received an average of $303,000 in scholarship offers
-- per student -- from the colleges.

That's money they don't have to borrow or pay back.

Would you like your child to get these kinds of acceptances and scholarship money?

Not To Worry.  Smart Plan For College Can Help.

smart plan for college

I'm Going To Save Well Over $200,000 On The Cost Of My Son's College Education!"

I've so appreciated all of your help throughout the college process.  The results were way beyond my expectations.  Thanks to you, my out-of-pocket college expenses have been reduced by 84%!

There is NO WAY we would've been able to manage the process and achieve these results without you.

More important than the significant savings was the time you spent helping my son identify colleges that would be a good fit and what to say to them so his application was successful.  The process is pretty overwhelming.  Having someone who knows the colleges and knows how to speak "their language" made this a lot easier!

Patricia Locke, mom of GWU student

Smart Plan For College Families get to the end of the college process knowing three things...

  • their student sent in the strongest application possible... so they don't miss out on their one chance to impress admissions.
  • their student has chosen the best-fit school by design, not by default.  Because they looked at more of the right schools for them.
  • they've gotten the most money possible out of the schools... so they can stretch their college dollars farther.

Most families can't say with certainty they achieved those three things when they arrive at move-in day of freshman year.

You just take your chances and can only hope you got the best results possible.

Smart Plan For College levels the college playing field so you have more control over the college process.

Getting noticed, getting in and getting money from colleges shouldn't involve guesswork.

Getting in to college and getting scholarships to help pay for it shouldn't be left to luck.  The problem is, the colleges hold all the cards.  Smart Plan For College produces predictable results using proven strategies tailored to your personal situation.  Allowing you to take back control  from the colleges.

Lots of college acceptances, with good scholarship and aid offers, are possible for you.  Even if you don't see it just yet.

Your colleges are out there.  We help you find them.

We help your student showcase their accomplishments and achievements.  So colleges can see how great your kid is among the thousands of other great kids who will also apply, too. 
More acceptances and more scholarship offers are all the proof you'll need.

Smart Plan For College families pay less for their student's college degree.

Check out the video to find out more...

I Got The Answers I Needed.  My Daughter Got The College She Deserved!​

Jean Keller [and Smart Plan for College] helped me tremendously with my daughter! The whole college thing is so confusing that, by the time I figured it out on my own, my daughter would have been graduated and married by then.... I'm raising a daughter, I work full time, I'm in college myself.  There's no such thing as "free time".  In my world it does not exist!  I wanted specific answers to my specific questions that matched my specific needs.  And the web wasn't going to give me that but Jean and her team, could, would and did!"

Joanne Callanta

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