Send your child to top-notch colleges they love
WITHOUT you paying full price.

Sound like a stretch? Smart Plan For College knows how.

This year, our 32 senior clients received an average of
$226,238 in scholarship offers, per student.

Would you like this kind of scholarship money so you can send your student to a great school
--  WITHOUT draining your savings or taking out a lot in college loans to make it happen?

smart plan for college

We specialize in creating customized college plans that save families a lot of
time, effort and
-- we're proud to say it --
a lot of money on the cost of a college education!

To get started, you need to discover how to avoid the seemingly-simple mistakes that will end up with you paying too much for your child's college education.   That's as easy as 1-2-3!   Step 1:  Grab your copy of our free e-book to discover how to avoid the college planning mistakes.  Step 2: READ the e-book. Step 3: Request your college plan review.

Check out the video to find out more...

If you're asking questions like....

  • What schools are going to be a good fit for my student?
  • How can my kid stand out from the thousands of other applicants in the admissions office?
  • How do I come up with the $25,000 to $65,000 per year college will cost?
  • How can we get scholarships?

Getting noticed, getting in and getting money from colleges shouldn't involve guesswork.

We'll get you clear on what value your student offers, how to focus on the colleges that have what you're looking for - that are also looking for you.  And how to grab the attention of the overwhelmed admissions officer so you can close the deal and get IN.

Your colleges are out there.  We help you find them and help you showcase your student so they see your great kid. 
More acceptances and more scholarship offers are all the proof you'll need.

Jean Keller [and Smart Plan for College] helped me tremendously with my daughter! The whole college thing is so confusing that, by the time I figured it out on my own, my daughter would have been graduated and married by then.... I'm raising a daughter, I work full time, I'm in college myself.  There's no such thing as "free time".  In my world it does not exist!  I wanted specific answers to my specific questions that matched my specific needs.  And the web wasn't going to give me that but Jean and her team, could, would and did!"

Joanne Callanta

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