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"We were overwhelmed and WAY behind in the fall of our son's senior year! We needed to catch up in a hurry. During our College Plan in 1/2 a Day, Jean suggested colleges, jump started our son on his applications and got us out of inaction and on the path to getting applications done.  We let her handle our Financial Aid for Freshman Year so we didn't miss any deadlines. She had handled everything with our older daughter 8 years earlier so we knew we'd have peace of mind. Even with such a late start, thanks to Jean & the Smart Plan For College Team, our son got to go to a great school that he really loves. The best part? His college cost $57,233 for freshman year -- but we're only paying $19,533 out of pocket thanks to scholarships and aid."

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College Planning Blog

  • College Loans: The TRUE Cost of Borrowing

    I recently met with a mom whose kid was choosing colleges that would never offer the kind of financial aid she needed.  Big State U and Bigger State U would cost her a minimum of $124,000 – likely more – over four years.

    And that’s AFTER taking into account the student loans they would offer […]

  • How To Reduce The Cost Of College: Smart Plan For College appears on News Channel 8

    Jean Keller, the founder of Smart Plan for College, and one of the nation’s top college advisers, stopped by “Let’s Talk Live” on Sept. 24, 2014 to share her secrets to landing a six-figure scholarship.

    Read more: http://www.wjla.com/blogs/lets-talk-live/2014/09/reducing-the-cost-of-college-23119.html#ixzz3SsWbCkOH
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  • College Planning: A Tale of Overlooked Steps

    Are you missing steps in the process?  In my experience, yes, you are.   Take for example, “Janet”, the mom of a high school sophomore who recently met with me for a college plan review session.

    Janet was overlooking vital steps in her planning process – and had no idea.  In fact, she thought she was […]

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