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College Planning Blog

  • Vital Tips If You Fit Into A Certain Category: Applying For Early Decision

    If getting money to help you pay the college bill is important to you, then I have only one recommendation when it comes to applying for Early Decision to a college:

    Don’t do it!

    If your child gets accepted to a college using early decision, he or she must go to that college, even if […]

  • Vital Tips If You Fit Into A Certain Category: Independent Student

    Every year I meet a family who tells me they have it all figured out… their plan to get more financial aid is to declare their student “independent” – after all, he or she is over 18 so they are “independent” in they eyes of the law (and often the IRS, too :-) )

    And […]

  • Vital Tips If You Fit Into A Certain Category: Divorced Or Separated Parents

    If you are currently divorced or separated (or will be soon), and your child will be applying to colleges in the next few years (or even this year) here are three key things you should be aware of:

    The financial aid forms should be completed by the parent the student lives with for the greater […]

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