You have questions.  We've got answers. 
You need money for college.  We get it.

You want to send your child to a college that's right for them.  That's good, but you know what's better? 

Sending them to a great fit college where you don't have to pay full price.

At Smart Plan For College, our clients get noticed in the admissions office, get in at colleges they love and get scholarship and aid money so their parents pay a LOT less.  An average of $105,000 less

Our clients' scholarship and aid packages are 74% higher than the national average thanks to our proven system that helps students find the right fit college academically and socially WITHOUT parents sacrificing their savings or racking up insane amounts of college debt.

Our results speak for themselves.  And we've got the successful families to prove it.

The best college results start with a Smart Plan
and support from an experienced team. 
That's our edge. 

Meet Your College Planning Team

The Smart Plan for College System has produced proven results year after year since 2003.  Our clients range from single moms making $15,000 per year to CEOs making seven-figures per year.  And they all send their kids to great colleges WITHOUT spending one dollar more than is absolutely neccessary.

If paying more than you need to for college sounds good to you,
then you don't need to invest in college planning. 

But if you'd like to pay a lot less, then your first step is to see what's possible for you and your student by scheduling a College Plan Review

Then book a college plan review so you can get started creating a college plan that gets you great results.​


​Accepted At My My Top Choice Colleges -- AND Getting My College Education For Nearly Free!"

Dear Jean,

Thank you for all of your help – particularly with my application essays. Thanks to your help…

  • I was accepted to Clemson’s Honors program with a scholarship;
  • Virginia Tech offered me a spot in the honors program and a partial scholarship
  • University of Virginia offered me $15,000 per year
  • University of Pennsylvania offered me $25,000 per year

But, best of all, I was awarded the Banneker Key Scholarship at the University of Maryland, College Park. With that full ride scholarship, my parents will have to pay about $3,000 a year total for my spending money and books.

Thank you so much for your help and advice! It was truly appreciated.

Marisa G.
Student, University of Maryland