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“We’ll save over $150,000!”

“I got the help I needed to make sure my essays hit the mark!”

“Samantha: Out of Overwhelm & Into Top College!”

“As A Single Mom…Free Time Does Not Exist!
Jean Helped Me Help My Daughter!”

“Got Into Top-Choice WITH Five-Figure Scholarship”

Hi Jean,

I just wanted to let you know that Elizabeth was accepted to her top choice school with a merit scholarship for $28,000 per year, guaranteed for four years! That’s $112,000 we won’t have to fork over to the colleges!
Thank you for all your help with this whole exhausting process!

Thanks again for all the help.
Deb Sheffield

“Thank You! It’s been a great four years!”

I’d like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU, Jean.

I can hardly believe it’s been over four years and our time is coming to a close. Signing up to work with you was the best decision. When we came to you in August before her Senior year, we were overwhelmed and “stuck”. You suggested schools, guided our daughter through the application process and made sure we didn’t leave any money on the table.

My daughter has been so happy during her four years at college. In addition to the scholarships and aid you helped us secure freshman year (and helped us maintain sophomore, junior and senior year), she even got an additional $4,500 in scholarship from her department in Sophomore year.

You’ve saved us THOUSANDS of dollars because you knew how to accurately depict our complicated financial situation so that we qualified for the financial aid we were eligible to receive.

You played a huge role in getting my daughter settled into a top-notch college with scholarships and aid so that we could afford all four years.

Best wishes for continued success!
Jean H.

“We’ll save over $185,000!”

Dear Jeanmarie:

We just wanted to let you know how happy we are to be using your services for our three kids and want to thank you and your staff to make our first child’s college search experience such a successful one.

We were first introduced to you at one of your college prep classes for parents when our daughter, Lynea, was a junior in high school.  We quickly realized that the college process had changed greatly since we went through it in the late seventies.

From the very beginning, our daughter had some very definite ideas as to the type of colleges and programs interested her.  We didn’t want to miss any opportunities for Lynea or our family and made the smart decision to invest in your services.

Although she always has been an excellent student, our daughter has a tendency to procrastinate and you provided enough motivation and inspiration to keep her on task.  Your advice about specific colleges, how to narrow down her search and make informed decisions was extremely helpful.

For our part, your help with the financial aid process has been phenomenal.  We are both self-employed and work out of our home and found the idea of paying for college daunting.

However, thanks to your guidance and help with financial aid planning process, we are able to afford a prestigious private institution like Davidson.  Lynea has experienced great success at Davidson College.

We know we wouldn’t have gotten these results without your help, which is why we are opting to continue to work with you so that our financial aid packages stay on track and we don’t miss out on other opportunities for our two younger students.  Once again, thank you for all that you and your staff have done for our family.

Jesse and Pam Witczak

“3rd Time’s a Charm:  Less Stress and More Money In Our Pocket!”

“We had already been through the college process two times before. Just helping our oldest two through the college admissions process – finding schools, figuring out what to say — and the rounds and rounds of essay drafts! Frankly it left us too weary to even apply for any financial aid — we know we left so much money on the table. And as a result, we pretty much paid for all of their college costs. Doing it again a third time was going to be too much.

Working with the Smart Plan For college team the third time around was such a relief. We had a workable schedule of deadlines for both admissions and aid. Our daughter appreciated the support to help her figure out what colleges to apply to based on her interests and qualities.

It was also a lot less stressful having someone else provide my daughter feedback on her admissions essays!

What a difference – with the financial aid we qualified for, we feel comfortable affording our daughter’s education at one of the top universities in the country.

The best reward, though has been our daughter telling us how well she fits in at Johns Hopkins — as an athlete and as a student.

Choosing to hire Jean and her team was one of the best decisions we made.”

Pat and Doreen C.

“I Was Accepted At My Top Choice Colleges
And I’m Getting My College Education For Nearly Free”

Dear Jean,

Thank you for all of your help – particularly with my application essays.  Thanks to your help…

  • I was accepted to Clemson’s Honors program with a scholarship;
  • Virginia Tech offered me a spot in the honors program and a partial scholarship
  • University of Virginia offered me $15,000 per year
  • University of Pennsylvania offered me $25,000 per year

But, best of all, I was awarded the Banneker Key Scholarship at the University of Maryland, College Park.  With that full ride scholarship, my parents will have to pay about $3,000 a year total for my spending money and books.

Thank you so much for your help and advice!  It was truly appreciated.

Marisa G.

“Saved Me From Expensive Mistakes That Would’ve Cost Me More Money”

Jean Keller saved me from making expensive mistakes on my financial aid paperwork to my daughter’s first choice college. Mistakes that would’ve ended up with me missing out on $10,000 of financial aid I was entitled to receive!   My expensive CPA of ten years didn’t have the right answers, but Jean did.”

Don Grauel,
Parent of Tulane University Student

“Paying Only $12, 115 Per Year For Top-Choice School: 
College Is Affordable For Daughter of  A Stressed-Out, Widowed Mom”

“Working with Jean and her staff kept me on track and really made sure I put my best foot forward at competitive schools.  I’m excited to be part of the fall freshman class at my number one choice school!”

Karina Yoshimitsu
Proud Drexel University student.

“Best of Both Worlds: Attending Her First Choice School
And We’re Paying A LOT Less For College!”

We were recommended to Keller College Services (KCS) by friends of ours whose two kids had successfully worked with Jean.  Jean and her staff helped our daughter with her college admissions applications quite thoroughly and with good cheer.

The financial aid process was important to us and here, Jean and her staff were outstanding.  Each step was critical.  They guided us through it all:  the internet searches, the applications, all the paper, dealing with our CPA, our concerns, etc.  All were dealt with professionally and with an excellent result!

This fall, our daughter will be attending her first choice college, supported by a generous amount of financial aid.

The Soifer Family
Proud parents of Dickinson College Student

“Sending Our Daughter To College And Paying Half Price”

We decided to get help with the college admissions and financial aid process because we were dreading the whole paperwork thing.  We also needed to learn what to do to receive as much aid as possible.

Jean Keller and her team were so knowledgeable and efficient. My daughter’s senior year of high school was especially stressful.  I can’t imagine what we would’ve done without Jean and her team.  Also, Jean is a very good intermediary to reduce the tension between parents and student.

If I could offer one piece of advice to families just beginning the college planning process, it would be to hire Jean and her team at Keller College Services to help with the whole process.  It’s much more complicated than you might imagine.  They take a lot of the stress out of the process.

The help with suggestions of colleges, help with the essays, reminders regarding deadlines, help with the FAFSA form, the review of all of the financial aid offers from the different colleges where my daughter was accepted – all of this was simply invaluable.

Thanks again for all the help.
Jeff and Mary Angela Taylor

“My Daugher Is Getting A Great Education And I’m Paying Less”

To whom it may concern:

During the spring semester of our daughter’s junior year we finally began thinking about college – and realized we didn’t have as much time as we thought to get it done.

When we saw the price tag of many of the private colleges we liked, we were very concerned about how to pay that entire bill.

But, we didn’t want to limit our daughter’s college search to the local state schools, so we decided to work with Jean.

Throughout our college search effort, Jean and her team were very helpful – working with us to figure it all out: the college search, evaluating colleges, financial aid concerns, the forms, etc.  She even helped us weigh the pros and cons of the actual final selection.

As a direct result of our work with Jean, my daughter is getting a great education and I’m on track to save at least $70,000 on her college education.

Thank you Jean and KCS.
Pete Mellits

“$20,000 More Scholarship Money Than Best Friend At Same School”

Our daughter was a class leader in high school with a solid B+ average.  But her SAT scores weren’t as strong as she wanted them to be.  Jean helped her put her best foot forward with the colleges and showed her how to “market herself”.  The end result:  our daughter was awarded a $44,000 scholarship from her top choice college.  $20,000 MORE than her best friend who also applied to the same school.

A great school at a great price – we couldn’t ask for more!

Tim and Claire L.

“The Services Are Worth Every Single Cent!”

Jeanmarie and her team were always there to guide me and point me in the right direction.  I knew I could rely on her to help me get the point I wanted to make across to the colleges concisely and clearly.  Her services were worth every single cent because thanks to her expertise I got scholarships and lots of financial aid.  I couldn’t be happier!

Abby Hapil

“Attending his top choice college and parents are saving $102,932!”

When we started the college search in our son’s junior year, we honestly thought he’d be at the local state university because it would be our cheapest option.  Small problem, our son Michael did NOT like the local state universities.  And we had to agree we did not feel they were good fits for him.

But, we were panicking at the thought of paying $53,000  to $58,000 per year at the colleges he did like.  We knew we needed to tip the scales back in our favor.  So we hired Jean and Keller College Services.

We both work and there was no way we could devote the time we knew would be required and as parents we felt we couldn’t leave it all up to Michael.

Jean guided Michael by suggesting colleges, outlining his plan for tests and creating a plan to reach out to the colleges he was interested in.  At the same time, on the financial aid front, she organized EVERYTHING for us, outlined money-saving strategies and kept us on track with paperwork and deadlines.  She made it so much easier for all of us.

The end result?  Michael was accepted to all of the colleges he applied to.  And his four top scholarship offers were worth over $551,200 over four years!  Michael is attending his dream college and we are happily saving over $102,800 on the cost of his college education.

Thank you for showing us how to send our son to a college we initially thought we couldn’t afford!

The Kappert Family

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