Real Students, Real Results

A college degree is an essential part of your student’s future opportunities and success. The challenge you face right now is that competition to get into college is tougher than ever and college is more expensive than ever.

That’s why we created the Smart Plan For College System — it is a direct result of developing personalized college plans for over 500 families so that they WIN at the college game.

We show families just like yours how to get into first-rate colleges and get more scholarships and aid to help you pay the bill. When that happens you don’t have to sacrifice your retirement, deplete your savings or live on rice and beans to make it happen.

We show students and their parents how to avoid making costly mistakes! And our college programs pay for themselves.

Now, you might be thinking, does this really work? Will it really work for me? The answer is YES.

Families who use our college planning services know how to best position their student to the colleges.  They know what to say, when to say it and who to say it to.  Our families also benefit from our financial aid consulting services because they know BEFORE they ever apply how the college will analyze their situation.  With our guidance they avoid costly errors that can end up with them missing out on scholarships and aid, too.

I invite you to check out the case studies below — real students and their very real results.  Then schedule your college plan review with us today.  We’ll take a look at the plan you’re currently following.  If it’s good, we’ll tell you that.  If it’s not, we’ll show you how we can help you get better results than you could on your own.  You will always hear the truth from me and my team.  If we can help you, we will tell you.  If we can’t help you, we will tell you.  And then we’ll tell you what your next step is.

Chris and Laura B.

The underlying college problem their parents had?  Two students to send to college at the same time!  Find out more…

Kyle T.

The underlying college problem for him?  He was on track to pick the wrong school — one where he would have easily ended up as one of the 58% who start college but don’t finish!  Learn more…

Ashley B.

Her underlying college problem?  Ashley’s SAT scores weren’t as strong as she wanted them to be.  Learn more…

Jen S.

The underlying college problem for her parents?  A college savings account that had been decimated thanks to the economy and a student who had a hard time focusing on what she wanted from a college.  Learn more.

Meet Michael

He wanted the best education possible without spending his parent’s last dime.  His parents wanted to make sure Michael had choices they could afford.

Meet Will

Will is attending his top-choice college with a full tuition scholarship.