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  • ​Our clients have been accepted to all eight Ivy League schools to the local State U -- and every college in between.
  • 97% of our clients have been accepted to one or more of their top choice colleges
  • Our clients are, on average, accepted to 92% of the colleges to which they apply.
  • Our clients average financial aid package is 74% higher than the College Board Average
  • In the last four years alone, our clients have received $29.4 million in scholarship & grant money –that’s FREE money that doesn’t have to be paid back — and NOT ONE DOLLAR of it was from a private scholarship.
  • We’ve worked with over 500 private clients
  • Reviewed well over 3,800 applications
  • Created over 800 College Affordability Plans that have saved our clients THOUSANDS of dollars — BEFORE financial aid was even awarded.

Real Students, Real Results:  Meet Laura and Chris B.

The college planning problem this family needed to solve was obvious --- they had two students to send to college, at the same time. 

Go here to discover how we helped these two kids parents send both of them to top-notch colleges for less than the cost of sending just one.  Learn More....

Just A Few Of The Colleges Where
Smart Plan For College Clients Have Been Accepted

Columbia University

Duke University

University of Michigan

UNC Chapel Hill

Boston College

Baylor University

Yale University

Ohio State

University of Notre Dame

Drexel University

Macalester College

Johns Hopkins University

George Washington University

Whittier College

Haverford College

Northwestern University


Hofstra University

Penn State

University of Tampa

University of Dayton

Williams College

Emory University

Cornell University

University of Maryland

College of William & Mary

Princeton University

Vanderbilt University

Purdue University

Boston University

Loyola College of Maryland

Roanoke College

La Salle University

Hendrix College

SUNY Binghamton

University of Pennsylvania

Case Western University

Hobart & Smith Colleges

Syracuse University

Villanova University

Harvey Mudd College

Ursinus College

College of Wooster

University of Rochester​

Colgate College

Hamilton College

Brown University

Dartmouth College

Real Students, Real Results:  Meet Kyle T.

The college planning problem this family needed to solve was that Kyle was focusing in on colleges that would not be a good fit for him which would significantly increase the odds he would be one of the 58% of college students who start but never finish college.   Go here to discover how we helped Kyle and his parents focus their time and attention on colleges that were a much better fit so he could have a successful college experience.  Learn more...

Real Students, Real Results:  Meet Ashley B.

The college planning problem Ashley and her parents faced was the fact that weakness in her admissions profile ws going to make it easier for the admissions office to kick her out of the application pile.  Go here to discover how we helped Ashley better showcase her activities and accomplishments.  Allowing her to rise to the top of the pile and STAY there... which allowed her to cash in on her hard work and get scholarships.   Learn more...

While Smart Plan For College cannot guarantee admission to any particular school (no one can), our methods and strategies give students and their parents the confidence that they’ve put their best foot forward at the schools of their choice!

How do you get the best results?

  1. Know where you really stand with the schools - both academically AND financially.
  2. Understand the admissions & financial aid policies of each college you’re considering
  3. Build your college list accordingly, taking into account your academic profile and your actual ability to pay.

Of course, while knowing that's what you need to do is one thing; actually getting it done on your own is something else entirely.

So many families derail their college results because they end up focusing on colleges that are never going to work out, financially and/or academically -- and no one ever tells them.  Not their school counselor and certainly not the colleges.

We help our clients get the best colleges for them at the best price possible. And the results speak for themselves.

Let's see what we can do for you and your student... schedule your College Plan Review today.​