You have big college plans for your student.
We can help you make them happen.

The Smart Plan For College System can show your kid how to get into the colleges they love. 

Finding the right fit college is most important so that college is a successful experience. 

Yet if your student spends a year or so falling in love with schools that were never going to work out
-- either financially or academically -- you end up in a heartbreaking situation.

Let us help you avoid that heartbreak moment.  Your first step?  Schedule a college plan review and let's see how we can help you. 

Expert College Insight = Outstanding Results

Last year, our students had an average of $305,202 in scholarship offers on the table -- per student.   How?  They came to us and put the Smart Plan For College System into action -- and gained the edge that made the difference.   

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Smart Plan For College helps parents and students find and focus on colleges that will...

  • welcome them
  • prepare them for a career;
  • help them meet lifelong friends
  • offer scholarships so that you can cash in on all of your hard work and accomplishments

"We did it!  The perfect school & paying less!!"

I just wanted to let you know that Elizabeth was accepted at her first choice college and her merit scholarship totals $112,000!   It's like getting four years for the price of 2!  Thank you for your help with this whole exhausting process!

Debra S.
Mom, Pasadena, MD

Unless you discover how to position yourself correctly with the schools and focus on the right colleges and take action to get things done, you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

That's where the Smart Plan For College System comes in.

Position your student, position your finances.

  • Students: Clarity on what you want is crucial.  Positioning your activities and accomplishments so they are in line with what colleges like to see is key.
  • Parents: Position yourself so you rise to the top of financial aid pile.  Wait until it's time to apply for financial aid and you'll be subject to the whims of the schools.

Focus on finding schools. Focus on getting things done.

Schools that have the programs and atmosphere your student wants.

AND schools that have scholarships and aid to offer you.

Know what to expect instead of the uncertainty that comes from trial and error.

Close the deal with the colleges.

You can find the absolute best school.  One that could offer you a ton of scholarship money.

You don't want a weak essay, poor interview, or some other missed opportunity to derail your entire college plan.

Our clients have the confidence they haven't missed any opportunity.  Because there are no do-overs.

When exploring colleges and chasing scholarships, you will experience an awful lot of blank spaces in terms of what you need to know and what you need to do.  The Smart Plan For College System fills in the blanks.  We offer personalized support to both parents and students based on your college goals and needs -- so you can get your college plan back on track, get out there looking at schools in no time and protect your budget and retirement. 

YOUR NEXT STEP: Schedule Your Money-Saving
College Plan Review Today!

In one hour, you'll discover ...

  1.   how well your kid is currently presenting himself or herself to the colleges;
  2.  what the colleges will expect you to pay towards your student's freshman year;
  3.   if you're making mistakes in how you're presenting your financials to the colleges that will cost you THOUSANDS if not TENS of THOUSANDS in lost scholarships and financial aid.

If we can help you get more college acceptances and more scholarship monies than you will on your own, we'll let you know.  And if we can't help you get better results, we'll let you know that, too.

Because the truth of the matter is we can't help everyone.  We can only be of benefit to families who..

a. have a student who knows he or she wants to go to college; and,

b. is working to the best of his or her ability to make that happen; and,

c. want the best colleges possible and prefer not to pay one dollar more than is absolutely necessary.

If that's you, click on the link below and schedule your college plan review today!

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