You don't want your child to have to settle for a lesser school. 
You don't want to pay more for college than is absolutely necessary.

Do you know how to make this happen?

Few things are more overwhelming than the procedure, paperwork and price tag of a college education.  The problems of college competition and ever-rising college costs lead to a lot of confusion.

That's where we come in.

Our solutions provide our clients with the inside-scoop they need.  So you can send your child to first-class schools without paying more than is absolutely necessary -- no matter how much money the make or have.

Our Smart Plan For College club of families are saving an average of $105,000 on the cost of their children's college educations.

Our flat-fee packages deliver the proven combination of services and support needed to deliver the college results you want for your student.

These are a Sample of How We Can Help You

Financial Aid For Freshman Year Planning

Everything you need to get your financial aid house in order.

Keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket instead of forking it over to the schools.

Includes: Calculation of federal and institutional EFC, professional analysis of your EFC, final school list review, support with the financial aid forms, professional review of financial aid offers for fair and accurate awards.

Ideal for:

Families who want the best scholarship and aid offers out of the schools you and your student select.

Elite Admissions & Financial Aid Planning

Rise To The Top of Both The Admissions & Financial Aid Piles.

Student guidance and parental support for both admissions and financial aid.

Includes: The services our experience shows produce the most acceptances and even better scholarship offers.

Ideal for:

Families who want first-class colleges suited to your student at the best possible price so their student has a successful college experience.

A La Carte

When you just need help with one piece of the college puzzle.

  • Essay Makeover
  • Magnetic Message
  • Expected Family Contribution Analysis
  • College Application Bootcamp
  • List of Suggested Schools
  • College Application Bootcamp for Rising Seniors

Nobody likes rejection.  Good thing we have a fix for that.

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​Third Time's a Charm:  Less Stress and More Money In Our Pocket!"

“We had already been through the college process two times before. Just helping our oldest two through the college admissions process was exhausting.  Finding schools, investigating schools, figuring out what to say -- and then the rounds and rounds of essay drafts!

Frankly, it left us too weary to even apply for any financial aid -- we know we left so much money on the table. And as a result, we pretty much paid for all of their college costs.  With retirement fast approaching, we felt we couldn't make the same mistakes a third time.  We had to admit we weren't figuring it out on our own.

Working with the Smart Plan For College team the third time around was such a relief. We had a workable schedule of deadlines for both admissions and aid. Our daughter appreciated the support to help her figure out what colleges to apply to based on her interests and qualities.

It was also a lot less stressful having someone else provide my daughter feedback on her admissions essays!

What a difference!  With the extra $11,000 per year in financial aid we qualified for, we feel comfortable affording our daughter’s education at one of the top universities in the country.

The best reward, though, has been our daughter telling us how well she fits in at Johns Hopkins -- as an athlete and as a student.

Choosing to hire Jean and her team was one of the best decisions we made."

Pat & Doreen C.
VIP Clients & Parents of Johns Hopkins University Student