What if you're missing something important in your college planning? 

Something that could keep you from getting the college results you want for your child?

And, if you don't know - or know but don't know how to fix it - what if it could hurt your student's acceptances?  What if you end up having to pay MORE than you should because you missed out on money you were entitled to receive?

Jean Keller and the Smart Plan For College team provide clients with the inside-scoop they need. Our clients attend first-class schools without paying more than is absolutely necessary -- no matter how much money they make or have.

Our families are saving an average of $105,000 on the cost of their children's college educations.

Imagine what you could do with $105,000.  You could put that towards your retirement, a younger child's college education, a new car.  The possibilities are endless -- but only if you're not forking it over to the colleges (or paying it towards student loans).

Your colleges are out there.

We can help you find them.  Smart Plan For College partners with you to showcase your student so the colleges don't miss your great kid among the thousands of applications they'll receive.  More acceptances and more scholarship offers are all the proof you'll need.

Looking to Get More From Your College Plan?

Our daughter is attending her top-choice school -- and we're paying half-price!"

We decided to get help with the college process because we were dreading the whole paperwork thing. We also needed to learn what to do so we could pay as little for college as possible.

Jean and her team were so knowledgeable and efficient. My daughter’s senior year of high school was especially stressful. I can’t imagine what we would’ve done without them. Also, Jean is a very good intermediary to reduce the tension between parents and student.

The investment in Jean's services really paid off!  Not only is our daughter attending the school she feels is the best fit for her, with the scholarships and aid we were offered, we are essentially paying half price for college.  Since our daughter's friend is attending the same school and was only offered a $5,500 student loan, we're thrilled with the savings!​

If I could offer one piece of advice to families just beginning the college planning process, it would be to hire Jean and her team to help with the whole process. It’s much more complicated than you might imagine. They take a lot of the stress out of the process.

The help with suggestions of colleges, help with the essays, reminders regarding deadlines, help with the FAFSA form, the review of all of the financial aid offers from the different colleges where my daughter was accepted – all of this was simply invaluable.

Thanks again for all the help.

Jeff & Mary Angela Taylor

Schedule your College Plan Review today and discover what, if any, problems are lurking in your college plans and if they could derail your college results.  And then you can decide how Jean and the Smart Plan For College team can support you so that you get your student in to the best college WITHOUT paying more than is absolutely necessary.