If you're the parent of a high school freshman, sophomore or junior, looking to empower your student so he or she can rise to the top of the college pile apply for a private College Plan Review Session with Jean Keller today.

During your session we'll...

  1. conduct an analysis of your current college plan to see if what you're currently doing will get you the college results you say you want.
  2. identify how or even if the services we offer are a fit for what you need, so you can get your student the college choices they deserve; if they are, Jean will share how we can help.
  3. help you figure out if you want to make the changes necessary to get the results you want or if you prefer to continue with your current college plan.

If you're a family who doesn't want to...

  • miss out on a college opportunity because you didn't know about it or how to make it happen.
  • ​roll the dice and "hope for the best" when it comes to getting in to the best fit colleges with the smallest bill possible.
  • risk your retirement or your student's opportunities after college because you end up paying more than you should have for a college education.

We might be able to help you.  Let's have a conversation and find out!

Finding the right fit college is what's most important so that college is a successful experience.

And with a four year undergraduate degree costing $100,000 up to $280,000, at least some scholarships and aid are also a must for 90% of families. 

That's where we come in.  Our experience is your advantage with the colleges. 

Complete the short questionnaire on this page and apply for a College Plan Review Session today!​

Once you submit your application, here's what will happen:

  • ​We will review your information and a member of my team will give you a call about scheduling your College Plan Review Session.
  • The cost for the session is $497 and has a 100% money back guarantee.*  A portion of the session fee will be applied to services should you decide to partner with us.
  • You will receive a pre-session online questionnaire via email that asks for basic information about you and your student's college plans.

Deciding To Schedule A College Plan Review Session Was The Best Decision I Ever Made"

We were skeptical that we could get much help with the cost of college -- but I knew I couldn't afford the $48,000 per year the college expected me to be able to pay towards my son's college education.  During the college plan review Jean let me know that with better advanced planning, I could reduce what the college expected by $11,500 per year -- an instant savings of $46,000.  I enrolled right away.

The final results were quite frankly beyond our wildest dreams.

Thanks to Jean and her team, the cost of college for my son was reduced by 84%. There is NO WAY we would have been able to manage the process and achieve this level of success on our own.

While I am thrilled with the savings you helped us achieve, I really appreciated the amount of time you spent guiding my son. You helped him identify his strengths and find colleges that would be a good fit for him.

The college process can be pretty overwhelming so it was great to have your expertise and understanding of so many colleges that we would have never thought of. You helped us narrow down our list to a group of colleges that had the elements we were looking for. I am so pleased with your results, I am recommending you to my sister. Thanks again for everything

Patricia Locke

Why should I do a college plan review?

You could be missing something important in your college planning that could keep you from getting in to the right-fit college you want for your child.

And what if you don't know that you're missing something important? 

And, if you don't know - and no one tells you about (so you can fix it) - it could hurt your student's acceptances and have YOU paying MORE for college than is absolutely necessary.​

Using the Smart Plan For College System, Jean Keller and her team have designed over 500 successful college plans for savvy parents who want to send their kids to college while safeguarding their retirement. Our clients save an average of $105,000 on the cost of a college eduation.

If you're looking to send your kid to great colleges for them WITHOUT paying more than one dollar more than is absolutely necessary, you need to plan your way there.  Or else you'll end up settling for less by default.